Monday, April 21, 2008

Boundaries-Priorat. Barcelona-Feb2008

BOUNDARIES-Idensitat '07
Boundaries is a long term project that documented the transitional state of the borders with the European community
The images stimulate the connection between E.U. borders and ones own ‘local borders’: ideas of inclusion and exclusion, identity within ones own community and the relationship within the wider sphere of the European context. Initially created for the context of the white cube, these photographs have emerged over time as site –specific installations that seek to delineate the borders of communities within the urban setting and in this instance more recently as an intervention within a rural context to highlight the differences with two competitive wine growing areas,south of Barcelona in the Priorat region. Ten separate images appeared and reappeared on the posters around both the urban and rural settings that intersect the borders at eye-level that engaged directly with the observer and in this case the busy rural passer-by.

The photographs here show the installation/intervention in the wine regions surrounding of Priorat,Barcelona in Jan 2008. Demarking the Denominacion. de Origen.Calificada. and the
Denominacion. de Origen regions, The D.O.C and the D.O.

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