Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This blog has now moved to 2013

Dear All
After not posting on this blog for quite a considerable time, I have decided to move it to WordPress
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sudice. Czech-Polish Border. Nov2010-28

Tlumaczow. Czech-Polish Border. Oct2010-08

Tlumaczow. Czech-Polish Border. Oct 2010

Vamossabadi. Hungarian-Slovakian BorderNov2010-07

Vamossabadi. Hungarian-Slovakian BorderNov2010

Paseky. Czech-Slovak Border Nov 2010

Javorina. Slovak-Polish Border Oct 2010

Holbova. Czech-Slovak Border Nov 2010

Kornica. Czech-Slovak Border Nov2010

Parassapuszta. Slovak-Hungarian Border Nov2010

Kralovec. Czech-Polish Border Oct 2010

Zwardon. Czech-Polish Border. Nov 2010 Kralovec. Czech-Polish Border. Oct 2010

Zyndranowa. Slovak-Polish Border Oct2010

Rybriky. Czech-Slovak Border Nov 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New work from my work in progress-Boundaries-II April 2010

Bratislava Jarovce- Austrian Slovakian Border-April 2010

Zahorska Ves -Austrian Slovakian Border-April 2010

Eberau Szenpeterfa-Austrian Hungarian Border-April 2010

Novy Prerov-Austrian Czech Border-April 2010

Cizov-Austrian Czech Border-April 2010

Pamhagen-Austrian Hungarian Border-April 2010

Vratenin-Austrian Czech Border-April 2010

Kittsee-Austrian Slovakian Border-April2010

Bratislava-Berg.Austrian Slovakian Border-April2010

Mitrovice-Austrian Czech Border-April2010

Gornja Radgona-Austrian Slovenian Border-April2010

Hegyeshalom-Austrian Hungarian Border-April2010

Neumarkt An Der Raab-Austrian Hungarian Border-April2010

Dravograd-Austrian Slovenia Border-April2010

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